Enable ConsoleEdit

In the root of the game folder is a file called game.xml. Edit the value for controls to be true. In-game you can now open console by pressing tilde. Press tilde twice to interact with the console.

Console CommandsEdit

F2 Show frame rate

F3 Toggle frame rate limiter

F4 Wireframe mode

F5 Toggle debug rendering

F7 Toggle camera

F8 Toggle stats

F9 Connect to physics visual debugger (PVD)

F10 Connect to remote debugger


Description List all available commands


Description Show frames per second


Description Enable/disable frame per second limiter


Description Frame per second limit attribute


Description Print detailed entity list


Description Print detailed resource list

Script FunctionsEdit



Print to console


function print(arg1, ...)


any type arg1 variable to print

any type ... variable to print  


DescriptionLoad I3D file Definitionfunction loadI3DFile(string filename) Argumentsstring filename i3d filenameReturn Valuesinteger rootNodeId id of root node 


DescriptionAdds timer callback function Definitionfunction addTimer(float time, string timerFunctionCallback, object instance) Argumentsfloat time time in millisecondsstring triggerFunctionCallback trigger function callbackobject instance instance object (optional) Return Valuesinteger timerId timer id 


DescriptionSet timer interval time Definitionfunction setTimerTime(integer timerId, float time) Argumentsinteger timerId timer idfloat time time in milliseconds 


DescriptionAdd a delete listener Definitionfunction addDeleteListener(integer objectId, string deleteFunctionCallback, object targetObject) Argumentsinteger objectId object idstring deleteFunctionCallback delete listener function callback, is called when the entity is deletedobject targetObject target object (optional), the callback function is called as a member function of targetObject Return Valuesinteger listenerId id to the created callback, must be given to removeDeleteListener   ===removeDeleteListener=== DescriptionRemove a delete listener. Note: it is important to call removeDeleteListener for each addDeleteListener call to avoid memory leaks Definitionfunction removeDeleteListener(integer objectId, integer listenerId) Argumentsinteger objectId object idinteger listenerId id of the delete listener 

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