In-Game Key Bindings and Controls

Action Key Mouse
General Actions ------------------- -------------------------
Look Around Arrow Keys Mouse Movement
Run Left Shift
Jump Space
Skip Message Box Left Mouse
Open Shop P
Light Toggle F
Open/Switch PDA Screens


Cyle Through PDA Screens 9
Game Menu ESC
Multiplayer Chat T
Interact R
Decrease Time 7
Increase Time 8
Multiplayer Money Transfer L
Vehicle Controls ------------------- -------------------------
Steer WASD
Camera Arrow Keys Mouse Movement
Enter/Exit Vehicle E
Switch Camera C
Zoom In/Out +/- (Numpad) Wheel Up/Down
Attach/Detach implement Q
Unload Tipper Q
Switch Between Vehicles Tab
Hire/Fire Worker H
Lower/Lift Tools V
Cutter On/Off J
Switch Attachments G
Refill/Refuel R
Cruise Control 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

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